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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing involves the setting and adjustment of charges between related businesses in exchange for goods, services or for use of a property across borders. These transactions are carefully scrutinized by tax authorities from both countries, so it’s critical that your company consults an international tax advisory firm that is well acquainted with global tax requirements like RCBM.

Each company can face unique issues depending on the nature and complexity of their business. We can help your business plan for transfer pricing in order to save money on your global tax rate while ensuring you're compliant with all tax regulations. From preparing documentation that meets domestic and global requirements to defining a clear tax planning strategy that aligns with your business goals, we can assist you in managing your tax risks. RCBM will help you establish and implement clear transfer pricing policies so you can reduce your global effective tax rates and reduce the potential for a costly audit.

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Our transfer pricing services include:

  • Development of global transfer pricing policies
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Pricing and cost analysis to minimize foreign taxes
  • Functional and risk assessment
  • Intercompany pricing analyses
  • Cost sharing agreements