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Competition in the global marketplace is fierce. It’s imperative that multinational businesses save money through careful tax planning in order to achieve the best return on their investments overseas and at home.

However, there are other issues that global entrepreneurs or companies doing business beyond the border need to take into consideration. Beyond different language and culture, regulations may vary significantly from those enacted in your country of origin. Additionally, when doing business in a foreign country, the home country may impose special controls or require to comply with regulations.

Other factors to consider are those related to starting up operations in a different business environment, verifying that the operation follows policies and procedures as established by the home office and ensuring that the foreign unit is in compliance with both local and international tax regulations.

Whether you’re a multinational company entering into new global markets or expanding existing international operations, working with an international advisor like RCBM can make all the difference in your profits and provide you with “peace of mind” in doing business in a foreign country.

integra logoFounded in 1994, Integra International® is an interactive global association of more than 125 local independent accounting, tax, and consulting firms. Our membership in Integra International, since 1998, enables us to provide high-quality global solutions with cost-effective pricing and customer-centric service, making us an excellent alternative to national firms.

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Our global advisory and compliance services include:

  • Reorganizing your business to incorporate international operations
  • Expanding your business globally
  • Establishing operations in the United States
  • Cross-border expansion and joint venture structuring
  • Foreign investment strategies
  • Mergers, acquisitions and due diligence
  • Tax treaty planning
  • Accounting and auditing for multi-jurisdictional operations
  • Business acquisitions
  • FATCA / FCPA compliance
  • Start up / Business Process Outsourcing
  • Internal controls

We will work closely with you to handle the various tax and other issues that often arise with expanding overseas. We assist clients in all phases of the project, from the initial planning and due diligence stages, through the negotiation and execution of the acquisition documents, to the final closing and post-closing matters.